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Probably, Balinesse Spa is the only one in Bucharest where you can do Authentic Swedish and Relaxing Massage with therapists from Bali. Our professional therapists are attested by the most important massage center in Bali, the exotic island well known for its top quality therapists specialized in countless therapies and massage types. Don’t miss your opportunity to feel on cloud nine in our Bucharest salon, together with some of the best Asian therapists in the world.


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Our place is a luxury villa situated near Dorobanti Square, Bucharest

Bali Therapists

Professional team specialized in Asian & European massages

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Unique Swedish Massage with authentic traditional techniques


Swedish Massage is a European type originating in Sweden and it was invented at the beginning of 1800 by the physiologist Per Henrik Link, dean at the Royal Swedish Central Institute. He got inspired by the art of traditional Chinese massage. Later, the classical Swedish massage system was perfected by J. G. Mezger, rapidly extending in the west.

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The specific technique of this therapeutic massage includes “effleurage” (prolonged sliding and light strokes), “petrissage” (rising and kneading the muscles), friction (circular massage), “tapotement” (lively and profound tapping), muscular vibration, all these techniques being adapted according to the level of tolerance and preference.
Swedish Massage is present nowadays in most therapeutic clinics, massage centers and salons in Europe and the USA.

At Balinesse Spa salon we offer two types of Swedish massage that you can choose: “Classical Swedish massage” and “Combined Swedish massage”.

After leading you to the massage room, our Balinese therapist will leave for a couple of minutes to let you undress and prepare for the massage session. You will lie face down and cover yourself with the towel she has provided for you. Then, she will start applying the massage evenly, 30 minutes on each side of the body (back and front). Our therapist will apply a combination of maneuvers specific to Swedish Massage (effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, vibration) at the desired intensity, according to your preferences. Also, at your request, we can apply the Combined Swedish massage, using Asian massage techniques or stretching, that are compatible with the maneuvers that are specific to classical Swedish massage. During the session, 100% organic oils will be used.


60 Min in Paradise

... and if you need more, we add another 30 min to your session.

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Top equipped salon for your high comfort and relaxation.

100% Organic Oils

Bio ingredients for & skin hydration & rejuvenation


Massage Session:
Swedish Massage 60 min. = 160 leiSwedish Massage 90 min. = 230 lei

Intr. Bitolia 27, Bucharest (Dorobanti)Str. Ion Nistor 4, Bucharest (Universitate)


Swedish Massage
Any scheduled session can be canceled with at least 4 hours before it begins. Thank you for understanding.

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