Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Balinesse Spa, the body treatment salon in Bucharest, now offers you health through traditional non-invasive Asian methods. Every time you visit us your body rebalances, your health improves, you look better and you feel younger.


The anti-cellulite treatments applied by our therapists in Bali are a combination of procedures that use professional creams and oils and involve Asian anti-cellulite massage techniques with lymphatic drainage or wrapping in foil or thermal blanket.

Anti-cellulite treatments are a special package designed to break down fat bags, increase blood circulation, detoxify the body, eliminate excess water, moisturize and nourish the skin with nutrients rich in vitamins and minerals.


Do you want to loose weight in a natural way? First step is to give up pills, diets and other things that harm your body. The next one is to come to our salon for energy balancing. ​

The main purpose of therapies is to reduce energy blockages, balance the body’s organs and systems. The weight loss effect is the natural consequence of balancing energy and bringing the body into normal operating parameters.


The main purpose of hair treatments is to thicken the hair and regulate the functioning of the sebaceous glands. To make your hair thick and healthy, we use special natural oils and old Ayurvedic scalp massage techniques.

Natural therapies have been used by the Indians since ancient times, and they are recognized and envied for the way their hair adornment looks.


Our skin treatments use not only old energy balancing techniques, 100% natural creams and oils, but also new methods of rejuvenation, hydration and regeneration.

Are you satisfied with the appearance of your skin? Do you want to look perfectly and feel like in adolescence? Give up the commercial offers on the market, drugs or surgical interventions and choose 100% natural Balinese anti aging techniques & ingredients.