Massage in Bucharest with Balinesse therapists

Massage in Bucharest with Balinesse therapists


Balinesse Spa is the first therapeutic massage salon from Bucharest (downtown location) that offers you health and relaxation with personnel from Bali.

Any type of massage you would choose, it will make you feel extraordinary because the technique of the Balinese therapists is well known all over the world as being at the highest level.



Our salon is located in Dorobanti, an exquisite place in Bucharest.


Authentic, traditional and unique Balinese massage & body treatments in Bucharest


Professional staff with authentic Balinese technique styles.

8 in 1 Relaxation Massage

Multiple Asian techniques combined in a single relaxation session. Free yourself from physical and mental stress in just 60 minutes.

Balinese Massage

Authentic Balinese Massage applied by our Bali therapists in their own traditional technique. Feel the touch of Bali Island.

Hawaiian massage

“Lomi Lomi Massage” (Hawaiian massage) with a lot of benefits called by ancient Polynesian population “The Way To Reconnect With The Spirit”.

Swedish Massage

European relaxing massage perfect for improving circulation and health.

Facial Massage

Special massage for face rejuvenation. Erase eye wrinkles and dark circles in just 60 minutes.

Hot Stones Massage

Ideal for finding energetic equilibrium and great health.

Thai Massage

The most intensive therapeutic massage. It combines stretching with traditional Yoga techniques and methods of pressure over certain areas of the body

Anti-Cellulite Massage

The most desired massage with a strong effect against cellulite, a special combination of methods which include kneading, friction, pressing and hitting the affected areas

Shiatsu Massage

Therapy discovered by Chinese adopted and improved in Japan. Combine Asian techniques including press puncture and reflexology. Ideal for treating illnesses and pain.

Head Massage

Relaxes the scalp by applying Asian techniques, it frees you from psychical stress, insomnia, headaches, in just half hour.

Pregnancy Massage

Therapy used since ancient times for relaxing and improving the health of future mothers. We use 100% organic oils


Reflexology is a therapeutic massage of Asian origin, it is ideal for the equilibrium of the energetic flux of the body.

Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda massage is an Indian ancient therapy which brings equilibrium to the 7 Chakras using Udani techniques

Four Hands Massage

The most desired relaxing massage performed in a tandem by two professional Balinese therapists.

Chocolate Massage

Ideal for relaxation and nourishing the skin, activates “The Happiness Hormone” , improves health and appearance.

Couples Massage

Relaxation, cuddle, and lots of love through combined Asian techniques for an unforgettable experience.

Deep Tissue Massage

Relaxing massage in which the muscles get rid of tension and discomfort.


Close relative with acupuncture and reflexology

Ventuze Massage

Helps blood flow to muscles, tissues and to entire body


If you have never received a massage at our salon and wish to experience as many therapeutic techniques, we recommend you first choose Relaxation Massage because it can be personalized according to preference with 8 of the Asian massage listed above.

Any scheduled session can be canceled with at least 4 hours before it begins. Thank you for understanding.