Pregnacy Massage in Bucharest


The purpose of prenatal massage is to physically and emotionally balance the expectant mother. Back and leg pain during pregnancy? Balinesse Spa is the place in Bucharest where mothers leave themselves in the hands of therapists in Bali for complete relaxation.

In massage for pregnant women, each session is personalized according to your preferences. Tell the therapist what the problems are and she will insist on the areas of discomfort. Discover how Balinese therapists pamper you when the discomfort of the prenatal period makes its presence felt.


5 Star Location

Salon in a chic and select villa, located in sector 1 of Bucharest, Dorobanti area.

100% Natural Oils

BIO ingredients that nourish and moisturize the skin during prenatal massage.

Balinese Pregnacy Massage

Authentic traditional Balinese massage technique with therapists from the island of Bali.


Used by ancient populations in Asia, Africa and Europe, prenatal massage is one of the oldest therapies applied to pregnant women. In ancient Greece and Egypt, massage was mentioned by Hippocrates more than 2,500 years ago as one of the beneficial therapies to be applied to mothers during pregnancy and after birth.

The procedure itself is similar to the Swedish massage technique, with the mention that the massage is done more gently, with great care.

Prenatal massage benefits pregnant women with back and sciatica problems and pain due to weight gain and a change in center of gravity.

This massage is also ideal for calming the nervous system, helps with sleep problems, improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles, soothes joint pain, detoxifies the body, reduces water retention, gives elasticity and radiance to the skin.

At Balinesse Spa Bucharest, the session goes like this: after leading you to the massage room, the therapist leaves the place to let you undress and prepare for the massage session. You will sit on your back and relax. The therapist starts massaging your soles, calves and thighs through procedures similar to Swedish massage. Then proceed to massage the arms, from the shoulders to the palms and fingers. He will ask you to sit on one side of your body and start massaging your back and neck muscles, then on the other side, resuming the procedure.

Finally, after all the muscles have been worked, you will be given a scalp massage that will make you feel relaxed and in a good mood. The technique of applying prenatal massage is used by Balinese therapists by combining Swedish and Asian Balinese massage methods, especially for pregnant women. 100% natural oils will be used.


Expectant moms who frequently step on the doorstep of our salon know why they do it. Pampering and total relaxation are just two of the benefits you get from a prenatal massage.

  • back pain, muscles, ligaments, tendons, spine pain, sciatica;
  • muscle cramps in the legs or swollen legs;
  • high water retention in the body;
  • problems with blood circulation, cold extremities or cold feet;
  • stretch marks or the appearance of your skin does not look shiny;
  • an increased level of toxins in the body;
  • sleep problems, inability to sleep or restless sleep;


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