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Sleeping problems, lack of concentration or anxiety? Balinesse Spa is the place where you can have Indian Head Massage, the mental balancing therapy through authentic Asian technique. This special massage is performed at our salon at the highest level by our professional Bali therapists. Discover now the secrets of this ancient therapy which harmonize your chakras.


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Our salon is placed in Dorobanti, an exquisite Bucharest area.

Balinese Therapists

Professional Bali Team is well-known for Indian relaxing & healing procedures.

Authentic Indian Technique

Traditional head massage & chakras harmonization.


Indian Head Massage as its name attests it, originated in India,
being between 4000 and 5000 years old, as ancient Ayurveda texts state.
This therapy was improved centuries on end, the massage of the scalp playing an essential part in the Indians’ way of life. They developed and improved it continuously until it reached the level of art. Even now the greatest attraction for men in India and the Middle East is represented by woman’s hair.

Head MassageThis ancient Indian massage technique has been kept until nowadays, hair still being an attraction in Oriental social structures. That’s why an Asian woman’s daily routine must include Ayurveda Shirodhara or Indian Scalp Massage. Today, modern therapy has progressed beyond aesthetic and superficial values.​
Although Indian Head Massage is essential for having a healthy hair, its true value is providing energetic equilibrium of the body by bringing into harmony the three Chakras: “Vishuddha”, “Ajna” and “Sahasrara”. Read below about their meaning and the Balinese techniques we apply.​

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE is performed by our professionals according to the signaled problem (ex: hair loss, insomnia, stress, etc) through massage techniques that include various methods of pressing the spots on the energetic lines of the scalp. The skillful touch of the therapist’s hands on the superior part of the three Chakras – Vishuddha, that regulates the neck area and associated organs, Ajna- a spot corresponding to clarity – the third eye, situated in front, and the Sahasrara master chakra associated to the pineal gland, plexus, situated on the top of the head. The three chakras allow energy activation, healing equilibrium and harmony. If you feel slow minded, the activation of the crown chakra and the third eye simultaneously allows alertness and releases the frustrating emotions.​

One of the head massage techniques called the screen wiper technique was created to stimulate the scalp and to improve blood circulation. The therapist puts her hand on an ear with her fingers stretched towards the front and executes a soft movement of rubbing that part of the head. The technique is repeated on the other part.

The next technique involves ribbing the hair with the whole hand. When she holds the head with one hand, e therapist applies firm pressure with the fingers and slides on the scalp up and down. This movement nourishes the hair from the roots and reduces tension.

Other techniques like ruffling, touching and rubbing the scalp and hair are profoundly relaxing. This massage passes to the temples, through circular movements to calm tired eyes and headaches. Indian Head Massage techniques are performed in the same order, although the therapist may choose to spend more money on certain movements. When she will do that, it means the patient needs it.


The effect of this therapy reaches all energetic centers that have accumulated tension. Also, Indian Head Massage is your best friend when you notice excessive hair loss.

  • efficient treatment of headaches, migraines, tired eyes and insomnia
  • reducing tension and stiffness in the neck and shoulders areas
  • stimulating the immunity system
  • relaxing the scalp, improving head circulation, increasing hormone and enzyme secretion, which is necessary for hair growth.
  • increasing oxygen saturation in the brain, clarifying thoughts and feelings.
  • relaxing the central nervous system
  • relieving stress.
  • improving concentration and mental focus.


Massage Session:
Head Massage 30 min. = 80 leiHead Massage 60 min. = 160 lei

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Head Massage
Any scheduled session can be canceled with at least 4 hours before it begins. Thank you for understanding.

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