Head Massage in Bucharest


Problems with sleep, lack of concentration or anxiety? Balinesse Spa is the massage parlor where you can experience mental balancing therapy through the authentic Indian scalp massage technique. We are waiting for you at the salon in Bucharest to meet the therapists from Bali, true masters who have the Asian secrets of hair massage, but also the traditional techniques working on the chakras.

The goal of hair massage therapy is to regain mental balance.


Luxury location in Bucharest

Salon located in a special villa in Dorobanti, the premium area of Bucharest.

Therapist from Bali

Balinese professionals specializing in hair massage and Asian relaxation techniques.

Indian Head Massage

Traditional and authentic massage techniques, applied the same as in the country of origin, India.


Head massage or Indian scalp massage is a massage originating in India with an age of about 4000 – 5000 years, as confirmed by ancient Ayurvedic texts. This therapy has been perfected for centuries, with head massage playing a vital role in the lives of the Indians who developed and improved it to the state of the art.

The biggest attraction of men in India, and not only – see the Middle East – is the hair adornment of women. The old Indian massage technique has been preserved to this day, the hair continuing to be an attraction in social circles in the East. A woman’s daily routine of care includes almost obligatory Indian Ayurvedic massage, the current therapy progressing beyond the aesthetic and superficial.

Indian head massage is beneficial for healthy hair, but its true value lies in mental energy balance. By activating and harmonizing the three chakras, Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara, which we will talk about below, stress, insomnia or headaches disappear miraculously.

This massage is done according to the reported problem, through hair massage techniques that contain methods of pressure on the points on the energy lines of the scalp.

Skillful application of the therapist’s hands on the upper part of the 3 chakras – Vishuddha (regulates the neck area and associated organs), Ajna (point of clarity, located on the forehead) and Sahasrara (Master Chakra associated with the pineal gland, plexus, which is found in scalp), allow the activation of healing energy, rebalancing and harmony. If you feel a state of mental slowness, simultaneously activating the crown chakra and the 3rd eye chakra will allow you to become more alert and able to release suppressed emotions.


The effect of Indian head massage therapy reaches all energy centers that have accumulated tension. Hair massage is the best friend if you are stressed or when you notice excessive hair loss.

  • effectively treats headaches, migraines, eye fatigue and insomnia;
  • reduces tension and stiffness in the neck and shoulders;
  • stimulates the immune system;
  • relaxes the scalp, improves hair circulation, increases the secretion of hormones and enzymes necessary for hair growth;
  • increases oxygen saturation in the brain, brings clarity in thinking;
  • relaxes the central nervous system;
  • removes stress;
  • improves mental concentration and focus.


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