Hawaiian massage in Bucharest


Discover now Hawaiian massage, an ancient treatment that relaxes your mind and body, called by the Hawaiians the way to reconnect with the spirit. In Lomi Lomi massage, we bring the state of physical and mental balance by acting on the energy blockages that affect the body as a whole.

In masajul Lomi Lomi, aducem starea de echilibru fizic si psihic prin actiune asupra blocajelor energetice ce afecteaza corpul in ansamblu.


Premium comfort

Salon located in a select villa in Bucharest, premium area in Dorobantilor Square.

Organic oils

100% natural ingredients that nourish the skin during Hawaiian massage.

Authentic Hawaiian Massage

Authentic traditional Hawaiian massage technique with therapists from the island of Bali.

Lomi Lomi is a massage from the Polynesian area, the triangle that includes Easter Island, New Zealand and Hawaii. Although many experts believe that Hawaiian massage is at least 2,000 years old, the exact date on which it appeared is unknown. What is known is that Hawaiian Massage Therapy was developed and applied by the Polynesian people who we know miraculously managed to sail in canoe boats, populating almost every island in the Pacific Ocean.

Hawaiian massageThe ancient Pozinese therapists who used Lomi Lomi (the Kahuna priests) were masters in healing massage and practiced this art with love and in close connection with nature. Their belief was that physical problems and illness were the cause of repressed emotions, mental and spiritual disharmony. The practice of Hawaiian massage included holistic non-invasive methods, the use of healing herbs and the application of hot stones on the body, a technique we find even today in the therapy of volcanic stone massage.

Also, the massage was focused on discovering the areas with energy blockages in the body with the help of the pressure of the fingers, the bridge of the palms, forearms and elbows of the therapist, a concept that is found in almost all types of Asian massage.
The techniques of traditional Hawaiian massage have been taken from the Polynesians and improved by the Indonesian and Asian populations, the secrets of this ancient therapy being preserved to this day.

The therapist will ask you to lie face down on the special massage table and relax. It starts with the sole of the foot, then advances to the legs, thighs, buttocks, shoulders, arms, forearms and palms, acting on each point by pressing the muscles. Se incepe cu talpa piciorului, apoi se inainteaza catre gambe, pulpe, fese, umeri, brate, antebrate si palme, actionandu-se asupra fiecarui punct prin apasarea muschilor. In the middle of the session, you turn your face up and the procedure resumes. Loomi Loomi is performed by our Asian professionals, depending on the desired intensity through massage techniques that include various methods of pressure on the points on the power lines. Hawaiian massage is very beneficial for health, having both a preventive and healing role.


Lomi Lomi Massage is called by the Hawaiians the “Path of Reconnection with the Spirit.” In our salon, Balinese therapists complete their classic western medicine with their massage technique, bringing you extra health by harmonizing your physique, psyche and spirit.

  • solves back problems, pain in the cervical or shoulder area, lumbar muscle pain, sciatica;
  • beneficial to ligaments or tendons affected by accidents;
  • relieves problems with calcium deposits;
  • restores the deficient immune system;
  • reduces digestion problems and high levels of toxins;
  • improves poor blood circulation and respiration;
  • reduces high blood pressure;
  • improves concentration;
  • eliminates headaches, migraines, stress, insomnia, depression or anxiety.


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