Chocolate Massage


Probably Balinesse Spa is the only place in Bucharest where you can get a professional massage with chocolate. This is a relaxing therapy invented by the Europeans and is practiced exclusively by our therapists from Bali. Are you a fan of serotonin? If so, discover now how we’ll delight you with Chocolate Massage.


Exquisite Location

Our place is a luxury villa situated near Dorobanti Square, Bucharest

100% Organic Ingredients

Raw chocolate for skin rejuvenation, hydrating and re-mineralizing.

100% Chocolate Massage

True chocolate massage applied by a native Balinese therapist


This therapy is suitable for stressed people and for those who need skin hydration.
Chocolate is known all over the world for bringing happiness. This thing is not just fantasy, it is a fact.
Chocolate contains substances that stimulate endorphin secretion. Serotonin – known as the”happiness hormone” – acts as a neurotransmitter and is responsible for our goodwill. Chocolate Massage is beneficial for both men and women.
This massage therapy not only stimulates the production and activity of serotonin but nut also the activity of the central nervous system.

More than this, blood circulation is improved, so, after a massage session, you will feel better than ever!
Chocolate is recognized as having hydrating and emollient effects on the skin because it contains natural ingredients and antioxidants as cocoa butter, guaran, mineral salts and tannin (ideal for weight loss).

Chocolate Massage

Before the session starts our therapist will prepare chocolate and heat it, she will then mix it with organic oil. You will get undressed and lie face down on the massage table, the therapist will apply you a body piling and clean your makeup if necessary. Then our therapist will oil you with chocolate and start massaging you. Specific techniques will be used, combined with Swedish and Asian massage, acting on subcutaneous tissues and on every muscles and ligament in the body.
After approximately 30 minutes, our therapist will ask you to turn face up then she will start the procedure again.
​Chocolate massage s is performed by our Asian professionals, according to the desired intensity on your entire body. If you wish a certain part to be massaged more, you can ask the therapist to insist on that area.


This therapy is the remedy both for the ones who need relaxation and those who are stressed, but also for the people whose skin is not sufficiently hydrated.

  • have sleeping problems: you can’t rest or your sleep is agitated;
  • can’t concentrate on what your goals are;
  • experience headaches stress and anxiety;
  • have dry, dehydrated skin;
  • have a bad blood circulation;
  • want to slim;
  • have digestive problems, constipation or diarrhea;

Our Asian therapists will help you improve your physical and psychical state and be more optimist.


Massage Session:
Chocolate Massage 60 min. = 160 leiChocolate Massage 90 min. = 230 lei

Intr. Bitolia 27, Bucharest (Dorobanti)Str. Ion Nistor 4, Bucharest (Universitate)


Chocolate Massage
Any scheduled session can be canceled with at least 4 hours before it begins. Thank you for understanding.

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