Treatments for hair in Bucharest


Balinesse Spa hair treatments have as main goal the thickening of the hair and the regulation of the functioning of the sebaceous glands. To make your hair thick and healthy, we use special natural oils and old Ayurvedic scalp massage techniques. Natural therapies have been used by the Indians since ancient times, and they are recognized and envied for the way their hair adornment looks.



Unlike Western medicine, which treats the effect rather than the cause, traditional Asian medicine evaluates each patient holistically. Thus, any problem or condition that appeared in an area of the body has its roots in an energy blockage, in an imbalance. The fact that the hair is oily and secretes a lot of sebum can be an indication that something is not working well in the body, and this affects the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands.

At Balinesse Spa, therapists in Bali apply treatments for oily hair through Asian scalp massage techniques combined with techniques and applications of nourishing natural oils. These methods solve the problem of the functioning of the sebaceous glands that secrete more sebum than necessary. The procedures are performed through treatment sessions for oily hair that aim to harmonize and balance the whole body in terms of energy, including excess sebum and thus regain the appearance of healthy hair.


The problem of dry hair is common nowadays and can have various external causes such as excessive washing of the scalp with shampoo, styling and dyeing, prolonged exposure to the sun, swimming in the pool, etc. Also, the “drying” of the hair can be the cause of problems related to the proper functioning of the body in terms of energy.

As with oily hair treatment, Balinese therapists work to rebalance and function the optimal parameters of the sebaceous glands. Ayurvedic scalp massage techniques combined with sesame oil masks that have the following properties are also used to treat dry hair:

  • nourish the skin with beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • stimulates the sebaceous glands to increase the secretion level of natural oils produced organically by one’s own body

Hair thickening has always played a key role in Indian life and has been featured in early Ayurvedic texts dating back more than 4,000 years. A mixture of warm oil and spices, massaged with slow movements on the scalp, has been the treatment for thickening and regenerating hair for thousands of years.



A component of Ayurvedic massage, Shirodara is recommended in all hair treatments because it relaxes the scalp, improves circulation, promotes the secretion of hormones and enzymes for hair growth and regulates the secretion of sebaceous glands. In this Indian massage we use plenty of natural oils that nourish the skin and hair roots, but also energy balancing techniques that restore vigor and health to oily, dry or damaged hair.


The hot oil mask is a complementary treatment to the Indian Shirodara massage. One of the components of the Indian mask is sesame, an ingredient that has the role of nourishing the scalp with the nutrients necessary for regeneration. Apply directly to the hair and wrap the head in a warm towel.


The shiny appearance of the hair that inspires health was and is a pride for Indian women, a feature that has brought and brings a lot of admiration in social circles.
Even today, in many parts of India, these methods of beautifying hair ornaments with Ayurvedic massage techniques and treatments with various oils for thickening hair are still an integral part of a woman’s care routine, but they have progressed beyond. aesthetic and superficial. Shirodara is currently revered as a therapy for the future that can help those with hair problems to cope with the rigors of modern life.


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