Massage for Couples in Bucharest


Here, in our intimate and elegant salons, we have prepared for you two something very, very special: couple massage with professional therapists from Bali. Specialists in the art of massage, Balinese therapists delight the senses and make you feel like in paradise. We look forward to enjoying the unique sensations caused by the exotic experience of Asian massage. Show her how important it is to you and give her a memorable surprise.

To create an idyllic atmosphere, we use aromas with extracts of rose plants, mint, sage, cinnamon, tangerine, lemon, lavender, sandalwood, ylang – ylang. The intimate atmosphere of the salon where you will share pleasure and pampering, candles, relaxing music, oils and exotic essences will make your day unforgettable. Ask for your favorite combination.


Comfort 5 Stars

Salon located in Dorobanti, with premium facilities for the comfort of couples.

100% Natural Oils

Flavors and BIO oils that delight the senses during massage.

Authentic Balinese Therapy

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Balinesse Spa are the only massage parlors for couples in Bucharest where you can invite your loved one for an authentic “Made in Bali” therapy. Considered to be the best professionals in the world, Balinese therapists offer unforgettable experiences to couples who love Asian massage.

The massage for couples is done at the same time and in the same room by 2 Balinese therapists. At the beginning, you will be lying face down on the special massage table, you will relax and you will prepare for a dream experience. Balinese therapists will massage your body from head to toe using coconut nourishing oil, an excellent skin emollient. In 5-10 minutes from the beginning of the massage you will start to feel more and more relaxed, and at the end you will experience a feeling like a newborn.

The methods used in relaxing massage therapy for couples are varied and enchanting for the body, the therapists using a combination of techniques specific to traditional Hawaiian massage, Balinese, reflexology, capillary, Swedish and aromatherapy.


When you want to make a surprise gift to your loved one, relaxing with massage in a couple with therapists from Bali is perhaps the most interesting choice. Don’t miss the opportunity to feel in the ninth heaven with some of the best Asian therapists in the world.


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