Anti-Cellulite Treatment


Our treatments are a special combination of Asian cellulite massage, lymphatic drainage, thermal wrapping, body peeling & spa capsule. All these cellulite treatments are a package specially conceived to break the fat bags, detoxify the body, eliminate the water surplus, hydrate and nourish the skin with nutrients rich in vitamins and minerals.​ We also use special creams with powerful action against cellulite. ​

This is a more and more frequent question nowadays. Although the question is simple, the answer is pretty complex. From our experience, you can get rid of cellulite after a treatment whose duration is proportional to the degree the skin is affected. So, if cellulite is incipient, you only need a few sessions of full cellulite treatment, if it is more serious and has lasted for several years, you need months of treatment.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment


Step 1

The first step is not just a preparing procedure for dead skin removal. More than this is a necessary treatment to opening the pores for later feeding with nutrients. We will use infrared sauna & hydrofusion (30 min). These also increase blood circulation, metabolism, detox & eliminates body water surplus.

Step 2

The full treatment continues with body peeling (30 min) which eliminates dead skin and prepares the derm for wrapping. After, during body wraps (45 min), the skin is feeding with vitamins & minerals. The peeling should be done once a week. Otherwise, the skin becomes very sensitive.

Step 3

After more than 2 hours we have prepared & feed the skin, now is the time for the last and most important stage: cellulite massage (60 or 90 min) with professional organic oils. Without this final stage, the other treatments we have talked about are less efficient, so this is a MUST or the most important step.


masaj anticelulitic


The treatments applied at the salon will have a quick effect over the appearance of your thighs and arms, thanks to the combination between anti-cellulite massage and lymphatic drainage, both associated with feeding the skin with oils, minerals, organic elements, and amino acids. These will penetrate the surface skin wall and feed the cells, helping to treat the ailment.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment


Our latest generation spa capsule has multiple functions as a sauna, hydro fusion (a combination of infrared heating and vapor), Vichy shower, tropical shower, etc. Intensive circulation, hydration, toning, improved elasticity and total nourishment of the skin provided by the spa capsule, stimulates collagen, creating a soft skin with young texture. By combing warmth & hydrotherapy with seaweed and mud, cellulite reduction therapies leave the skin soft, supple and shiny.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment


Body peeling is one of the best procedures for removing dead cells from the superior keratin stratus. Almonds, salt, coffee, sugar are recognized for their beneficial effect, this is why our therapists use them every time body peeling is requested. This procedure of cleaning and hydrating the skin should be done once a week.

impachetari anticelulitice


The packing with clay, chocolate or red grapes are natural remedies for the health of your derm. This therapy is ideal for the skin, every wrap type containing vitamins, minerals and nurturing oligo-elements.


Daca alegi impachetari anticelulitice in termocuverta trebuie sa stii ca exista anumite contraindicatii. Datorita termoactivitatii, persoanele cu afectiuni cardio-vasculare si gravidele au interdictie la termocuverta. In schimb, acestea pot opta pentru impachetari cu folie.


Ideal for losing weight, removing cellulite and creating an amazing look for the skin, argyle body wraps are among the most sought after treatments by women that want to have a sculpted body and to look amazing every time.

Did you know that argyle wrapping are among the daily activities of all well-known Hollywood stars? This thing is due to the quick and lasting effect that argyle wrapping has on the skin.

Argyle helps eliminate toxins from the organism, exfoliate, revitalize, tone, clean the skin and make it look younger. It also reduces cellulite and stretch marks, compacting the areas with deposits of fat. Argyle wrappings are ideal and necessary if you want to look amazing, furthermore, they are extremely beneficial to women that have recently lost/ gained weight, or whose skin has a flabby look.

Due to the minerals composition inside argyle and our wrapping techniques, your skin will be more toned and look much better. For a major improvement, at least 7-8 sessions of wrapping in a hot blanket are necessary, every 3-5 days. For quicker results, you can combine wrapping sessions with massage and other cellulite treatments that includes argyle wrappings as well.

Argyle wrappings can be also used within Weight Loss Treatments.


Renowned for their amazing effect chocolate wrappings are among the most sought after treatments for both men and women. Chocolate is an aliment containing two organic ingredients: cocoa and guar gum.

These are rich in polyphenols, theobromine, folic acid, vitamins B1, B2, B3, magnesium, zinc, copper, anthocyanin, flavonoids, having an exfoliating effect, hydrating, nourishing, protecting and regenerating the skin. When you choose a chocolate wrapping session/ subscription, you must know that your skin will be silkier, circulation will improve, the water surplus will be diminished and you will lose weight.

On the other hand, due to the antioxidants and flavonoids in the chocolate, these wrappings fight against cellulite and skin aging, they reduce the water level and the wrinkles, leaving the skin silky and firm. The collagen and elastin secretions will be stimulated together with serotonin, the wrappings acting on both levels: physical and psychical.

At Balinesse Spa Bucharest you will enjoy a wrapping recipe – inside a thermal blanket with chocolate and a special oil, both 100% organic. You can combine the wrapping treatment with anti-age, slimming & cellulite treatments.


All the treatments we talked above could be separately applied but for maximum efficiency, these procedures should be performed together in a single 3 hours session.

The full treatment package efficiency is reached when you also keep a healthy diet, do sport (any kind of activity that solicits your muscles and makes you sweat), sleep as much as your organism asks. In one word, you must adopt a healthy lifestyle. Cellulite treatments sessions only complete the recommendations above. The more balance in your lifestyle, the more efficient our treatments will be. Also, the recovery time will be significantly reduced and you will soon be able to enjoy smooth skin, looking shiny and firm.


Anti-Cellulite Treatment 3 ore = 400 leiAnti-Cellulite Treatment 3 ore + 30 min. (extra massage) = 460 lei

Body Wraps:
Clay Wraps (cold foil) 45 min. = 100 leiClay Wraps (hot blanket) 45 min. = 100 leiChocolate Wraps (cold foil) 45 min. = 100 leiChocolate Wraps (hot blanket) 45 min. = 100 lei

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Anti-Cellulite Treatment
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