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Balinesse Spa is probably the only place in Bucharest where you can have Authentic Thai Massage with professional Balinese therapists. If you haven’t been to Bangkok and experienced this, we recommend trying this unique massage, right here, thousands of kilometers away from the City of Angels. Why? Because most of our clients state that our massage is better than one they had in Thailand.


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Thai massage is a therapeutic type originating from Asia. It combines stretching with traditional Yoga techniques and methods of pressure over certain areas of the body. The purpose of an Asian therapist is to bring equilibrium to the elements of the human body.

​Thai massage brings a lot of benefits to most people: those working in an office that have problems with the back and sciatic; sportsmen with muscular cramps (tennis-men, runners, golf players, etc); people with digestive problems, pain in the shoulders, neck, knees; people suffering from insomnia, lack of concentration, headaches, stress, anxiety.
​First the patient lies face down on the special massage table and gets relaxed. Thai massage begins by pressing certain points on the dorsal area, starting with legs and finishing with the neck. The therapist acts upon straightening the spine by pressing the muscles with her fingers, elbows, knees and feet. She also insists on the legs by applying the same technique.

​This press puncture method is combined with stretching every muscle and ligament in the body. The techniques include active and passive mobilization, pressure over the energetic lines, rhythmical movement and balancing, respiration, meditation,
conducted inspiration and expiration. After 30 – 40 minutes the patient is turned face up and the procedure starts again.
​In the most fashionable massage salons in the world there are two styles of Thai massage: “Classical Thai massage” and “Deep Pressure Thai massage”. The difference between the 2 is given by each patient’s tolerance and preference. At our salon you can personalize this type of massage, before the session starts, according to your level of tolerance. If you have never tried this before, we recommend you start with classical Thai Massage, which is less strenuous for the inexperienced patient.

Thai Massage

Most techniques using special oils (Thai massage not included) work only the tissues under the skin. Even if some of these types can be classified as tough, their beneficial effect fades rather quickly, sometimes within a few hours. More than this, the human body has many muscles that “are not seen”, they are not at the surface, being located nearer to the bones in less accessible places and cannot be touched and massaged. This is because many other muscles are situated above them. The only method of releasing the tension and the pain of the permanently contracted muscles is decompression from the surface inwards. This technique of decompression and muscular relaxation is applied in a natural and effective way by our Balinese therapists. The authentic technique of Thai massage is incredibly beneficial for the organism, its effects last over 2-3 weeks.


If you have any muscular pain (spine, cervical, sciatic), feel muscular cramps in your arms and legs, have headaches, stress, anxiety or digestive problems, then you should try the benefits of Thai Massage. We are confident that after a professional session massage you will feel better than ever.


Massage Session:
Thai Massage 60 min. = 170 leiThai Massage 90 min. = 250 lei

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Thai Massage
Any scheduled session can be canceled with at least 4 hours before it begins. Thank you for understanding.

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