Thai massage in Bucharest


Thai massage is one of the most sought after massages and at Balinesse Spa it is performed professionally and authentically, just like in its country of origin, Thailand. The 4 elements in nature have correspondence in the body. The respiratory and circulatory systems are Air, the blood is Water, while the Earth is the skeleton, tendons, ligaments and muscles, and Fire is the digestive system.

Compared to other massages, Thai massage is very demanding. If you have a low tolerance, tell the therapist during the massage to adjust the intensity level.

Choose Balinesse Spa Bucharest

Premium comfort

Located in Bucharest, Dorobanti area, with premium facilities for maximum comfort.

Session Time

Thai massage of 60 or 90 minutes, performed by professional therapists from Bali.

Authentic Thai technique

Traditional, appreciated by all connoisseurs of the unmistakable Thai style.


Thai massage is a therapeutic massage originating in Asia that combines stretching with traditional yogic techniques and methods of pressure on the chakras. The goal of an Asian therapist with experience in Thai massage is to balance the 4 elements corresponding to the human body. First the patient lies face down on the special massage table and relaxes. Thai massage starts by pressing certain points on the back, starting from the calves and ending with the neck area.

The therapist acts on straightening the spine by pressing the muscles with the fingers, elbows, knees and feet. The acupressure method is combined with the technique of stretching every muscle and ligament in the body.

After 30 minutes the patient turns face up and resumes the procedure. Thai massage is performed by our professionals according to the desired intensity, through massage techniques that include stretching and passive mobilization, pressure on energy lines, movement, rhythmic balance and breathing, meditation, inspiration and expiration led and printed.

In the most titled massage parlors in the world, there are two types of Thai therapeutic massage that you can choose: Classic or Deep Pressure. The difference between the two is given by the tolerance / preference of each patient. At Balinesse Spa Bucharest you can customize the massage, before starting the session, depending on your tolerance level. If you haven’t tried it before, we recommend you start with the Classic Thai Massage which is less demanding and ideal for an inexperienced patient.

Most types of massage that use oils (this is not the case with Thai massage) only activate the tissues under the skin. Even if some of these massages are considered to be hard massages, their beneficial effect can dissipate quite quickly, sometimes even in a few hours. Moreover, the human body has numerous muscles that are “not visible”, are not on the surface, and are located close to the bones in inaccessible areas, and cannot be palpated and massaged. This is because there are many other muscles located above them.

The only way to relieve muscle tension and pain caused by these hidden muscles is to decompress those on the surface. The only way to relieve muscle tension and pain caused by these hidden muscles is to decompress those on the surface.

From the point of view of holistic medicine, the relaxation massage received at Balinesse Spa Bucharest has the role not only to relax you, but also to start the procedure of self-regulation and self-healing of body, mind and soul.


Thai massage benefits the majority, both those who work in the office and have back and sciatica problems, athletes who have muscle cramps (tennis players, runners, golfers, etc.), people with digestive disorders, shoulder pain, sore throat and knee pain. and elbows, as well as those with insomnia, lack of concentration, headaches, stress or anxiety. Most of the time, the effects of the massage last 2-3 weeks.


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