Shiatsu massage in Bucharest


Shiatsu massage is also referred to by the Japanese as the “Path of Balance”. At Balinesse Spa, Balinese therapists complement the remedies of modern medicine with traditional Asian therapy, bringing you extra health by harmonizing your physical and mental state.

Even if you are healthy cannon, the chances that this massage will suit you are very high. This is because Shiatsu has both a preventive and a healing role. Experience traditional Japanese therapy thousands of miles away from Tokyo, the capital of Shiatsu massage. In Shiatsu, our goal is to bring you into a perfect state of physical and mental balance.


5 Star Location

A chic and select villa in Bucharest, Dorobanti area.

Therapist from Bali

4 Balinese professionals specializing in Asian massage.

Authentic Japanese Technique

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Shiatsu massage is a massage originating in China with an age of approximately 1500 years. The technique was taken over and improved by a Buddhist monk who later introduced it to Japan. In Japanese, the word “Shiatsu” means “finger pressure”. Subsequently, the Japanese refined and developed this therapy to suit their psychology, temperament, and lifestyle. Although the therapy is based on traditional Chinese medicine, Shiatsu is often confused with pleasure and relaxation massage.

Shiatsu MassageToday, the technique has many followers with different philosophical ideas and styles of practice, some preferring to focus more on acupressure, while others on general massage with the aim of influencing Chi – the positive energy of the body – or balancing those 5 elements of Feng Shui – earth, water, fire, wood, metal. IFinally, whatever the conceptual approach, Shiatsu is an Asian technique based on traditional Chinese medicine.

Balinesse Spa offers you shiatsu massage, especially if the following ailments: muscle, back pain (schizophrenia); reduced mobility or flexibility; poor digestion and high levels of toxins; poor blood circulation; hypertension; neck or neck pain; headaches and sleep problems; lack of concentration, stress and anxiety. In our salon, Balinese therapists will apply the most appropriate Shiatsu massage technique, depending on your problems.

At first you lie face down on the special massage table and relax. The massage starts by working with the sole of the foot, then advances to the legs, thighs, buttocks, back, up to the neck area.
Later it is passed to the shoulders, arms, forearms and palms, acting even on the fingers.

The therapist acts on each point by pressing the muscles with the fingers, fists and elbows. This method of acupressure is combined with the technique of stretching every muscle and ligament in the body. After about 30 minutes, you turn your face up and the procedure resumes.

Shiatsu is performed by our Asian professionals according to the desired intensity, through massage techniques that include various methods of pressure on the points on the energy lines.


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