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The Japanese Massage  Shiatsu is extremely efficient for body and mind, only if it is applied by specialists. Our salon offers you exceptional therapists from Bali to help find your energetic equilibrium. ​Even if you have never tried this therapeutic massage, we recommend to try it with one of our Balinesse therapists. We guarantee that you will enjoy a unique experience, right here at our downtown salon in Bucharest, thousands of km away from Tokyo, the capital of Japan.


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Professional staff with authentic Asian technique styles.

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Shiatsu and a lot of Japanese & Asian massage styles.


Shiatsu It originated from China, being about 1500 years old, adopted and improved by a Buddhist monk that introduced it to Japan later on. In Japanese, “Shiatsu” means “finger pressure”. The Japanese refined and developed this therapy to make it more suitable to their psychology, temperament, and lifestyle. Although evolved from traditional Chinese medicine, Shiatsu is nowadays a synonym for pleasure and relaxation massage.

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The technique has many followers with different ideas and philosophical styles of practicing it. Some prefer to focus on acupressure, while others like a general massage with great influence over Chi- positive energy of the ​
body, or finding equilibrium between the 5 Feng Shui elements: earth, water, fire, wood, metal. ​Finally, whichever the concept, Shiatsu is an Asian technique based on traditional Chinese medicine. ​

​At Balinesse Spa our Asian therapists will apply the most suitable Shiatsu technique, according to your needs.​

You lie face down on the special table and relax. The session starts with working the sole of the feet, then advancing towards the shanks, calves, buttocks, back, reaching the neck area. Then one passes on to shoulders, arms, forearms, and palms, working even the fingers.
The Balinesse therapist will work on every point by pressing the muscles with her fingers, fists and elbows. This press puncture method is combined with the technique of stretching every muscle and ligament in the body. After about 30 minutes, the patient turns face up and the procedure starts again. ​Shiatsu is performed by our Balinesse professionals, according to the desired intensity, through techniques that include pressure over the points situated on the energy lines.


Massage Session:
Shiatsu Massage 60 min. = 160 leiShiatsu Massage 90 min. = 230 lei

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Shiatsu Massage
Any scheduled session can be canceled with at least 4 hours before it begins. Thank you for understanding.

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