Reflexology Massage in Bucharest


Reflexology uses subtle energies to balance us. What happens in the body is reflected in the reflex points in the sole and palm. A touch always brings a reaction in the body. The goal is to restore the body to its natural, balanced state. Through reflexology massage we give a signal to the body that has the intrinsic ability to heal itself.

Ancient physicians discovered that by acting on reflex points in the sole and palm, they could heal the entire human body. Then, the technique was taken over and improved from generation to generation, to this day.


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Reflexology starts from the principle of the existence of vital energy and the body’s capacity for self-healing. Reflexoterapia porneste de la principiul existentei energiei vitale si a capacitatii organismului de autovindecare. The endings of these energy channels are located in the reflexogenic points of the palm and sole and, the more severe the condition, the more painful they become to feel. Blockages occur due to causes such as stress, inadequate nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle, disharmonious interpersonal relationships. The energy crosses the channels repetitively, in a precise order. When it circulates freely, without blockages, the body is healthy and balanced.

Reflexology acts on the reflex points corresponding to the organs and systems of the body. Reflexology massage can be applied to any age group and aims at both prevention and healing. The reflex points in the sole are activated by specific techniques that mobilize the inner energies – physical, mental and spiritual.

The reflexology in the sole balances by ameliorating the disease present in the organ that is in imbalance. When pressing the points on the sole has the effect of relaxing, it means that the organs are working properly. Otherwise, if there is pain, it turns out that there is a condition / imbalance. By acting on the critical points, the discomfort and pain will gradually disappear, the effect being healing and balancing the affected organ.

Reflexology in the palm is not different in effect and the technique of reflexology in the sole of the foot. The same reflex points are stimulated by acupressure massage, the action aimed at healing and proper functioning of the suffering organs. Likewise, the identification of the imbalance is observed by the state of discomfort or pain appeared at the pressure on the reflexogenic point. The greater the pain, the more severe the condition.

The perfect balance of the body will occur when during an entire massage session the patient no longer feels discomfort, but a state of relaxation. The duration until the moment of complete healing and balancing can be from a few sessions, in the case of mild ailments, to a few months, in the case of chronic ones. If you do not feel discomfort in the first massage session, it means that you are healthy and your body is in a perfect state of harmony.


The benefits of reflexology massage are innumerable, but we will specify here only some of the most important acute or chronic conditions that can be ameliorated by reflexology.

  • Headache, migraine, insomnia; disorders related to the functioning of internal organs (kidneys, liver, pancreas, lungs, etc.);
  • Osteoporosis, gout, allergies;
  • Heart disease, pain or heart problems;
  • Disorders related to blood circulation, peripheral circulation, rheumatism, pain in the legs or hands;
  • Endocrine – metabolic disorders of the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal glands;
  • Diabetes;
  • Diseases related to the functioning of the genital and digestive tract;
  • Neurological disorders, ENT;
  • Obesity issues.


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