Hot Stones Massage in Bucharest


Volcanic stone massage is considered by connoisseurs to be number 1 in the world with the goal of achieving energy balance. There are 2 ways to achieve this result: HOT STONE THERAPY and CLASSIC VULCAN STONE MASSAGE.

In the Asian tradition there are 7 chakras or energy points that are found on the midline of the body: Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Visudha, Ajna, and Sahasrara. Our goal is to harmonize them.


100% Natural Ingredients

Aromas, oils and natural basalt stones to follow the authentic recipe.

Therapist from Bali

Balinese professionals, specialized in Asian techniques and volcanic stone massage.

Chakra Balancing

The traditional Asian massage technique with energetic balancing on the 7 chakras.


Therapeutic massage with hot volcanic rocks is a massage of Indian origin, dating back about 5,000 years. After the invention of stone massage by the Indians, it was taken over and developed by the Chinese and Indonesian people. The role of volcanic stone massage is to balance the 7 chakras by applying hot rocks to specific points and massaging the patient with a special deep massage technique.

This creates a feeling of comfort, relaxation and warmth that is felt throughout the body. The heat released by the stones removes pain and discomfort, relaxing the muscles and bringing the patient into a state of relaxation. The stones used in Hot Stone Massage are natural, have a basalt composition, being rich in magnesium and iron. This feature gives them the property of accumulating and retaining heat over a long period of time, without dissipating it.

Each stone is positioned in a specific place to act where the body needs it and will produce positive energy with effect down to the cellular level.

Volcanic stone massage combines hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and thermotherapy by applying warm basalt stones and natural oils with traditional Asian massage, the goal of Balinese therapists being to balance the 7 chakras, improve health, harmony and good mood.

During the massage, the therapist notices if some stones lose heat after they have been applied. In this way he realizes what health problems you have and will act through a specific energy balancing technique.

Before you get to the salon, the therapist will prepare your stones by heating them to a temperature of 50 degrees. You will lie face down on the massage table and relax. During this time, the stones will be greased with special oils and ready for application.

The therapy begins by gradually applying the hot stones and massaging them all over the body. Large and fine stones will be applied in the lumbar area, along the spine, then elongated stones, of medium size, in the cervical area, legs, legs and arms. The smallest stones are applied in the area of the extremities, of the fingers, to stimulate the peripheral circulation. The sensation is relaxing combined with tingling and pleasant sensations.

The therapist will use Asian techniques of therapeutic massage by pressure and tension on the muscles with the help of volcanic stones of different sizes and shapes, heated and permanently greased with oils. The massage is performed from the outside (periphery) to the inside (center). In the middle of the session you will turn upside down, and the procedure will be resumed, this time the stones being on the back areas.


The benefits of hot stone massage are many, but we will specify here only some of the most important acute or chronic conditions that can be alleviated by Balinese professionals through this therapeutic massage.

  • blood circulation, including peripheral circulation;
  • blood pressure (hypertension)
  • detoxification or proper functioning of internal organs (liver, kidneys, heart);
  • joints, tendons, ligaments, pain or muscle contractions;
  • pain in the cervical area, in the neck / neck area;
  • sleep problems, you can’t sleep, you have restless sleep;
  • lack of concentration, headache, stress or anxiety.
  • recovery from physical exertion, a blow or an accident.


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