Hot Stones Massage


Extremely relaxing, Hot Stones Massage is an ancient Asian healing therapy which can be experienced with the help of our Bali therapists. Appreciated by connoisseurs as the best in the world, the Balinese therapists reveal here some of their secrets. Discover now this amazing massage & therapy at Balinesse Spa Bucharest.


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Chakras Balance Technique

Asian traditional method of The 7 Chakras harmonization


The therapeutic massage hot volcanic stones originated from India, about 5000 years ago.
​After being invented by the Indians, it was adopted and improved by the Chinese and Indonesian populations.​
According to Asian tradition, the human body contains 7 Chakras (energetic points) that are found in the middle area and must be brought into harmony (Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Visudha, Ajna, Sahasrara). The purpose of this type of massage is to bring equilibrium to these centers by applying hot stones on the specific spots and massaging the patient with special techniques of profound massage.​
So, a sensation of comfort, relaxation, and warmth emerges and expands in the whole body. The warmth of the stones relieves pain and discomfort, relaxing the muscles and bringing the patient in a peaceful state.

The stones used are natural, of basaltic composition, being rich in magnesium and iron. This quality enables them to accumulate and hold warmth, for a long period of time, without dispersing it. ​
Every stone is laid in a special place so that it works where the body needs it most and produces positive energy. Hot stones massage combines hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and thermotherapy by applying hot basaltic stones, with the traditional Asian massage.
The purpose of our therapists is equilibrating the 7 chakras, improving health and bringing the patients in a state of harmony and good will.

Hot Stones Massage

​This ritual is performed by our Bali therapists, combining the Asian massage with aromatherapy and thermotherapy.
At Balinesse Spa Bucharest you can choose two ways of healing and relax with hot stones: Massage or Therapy.

​Before your arrival at our salon, our therapist will heat up the stones to 50 degrees Celsius. You will lie face down on the special massage table and will relax. In the meantime, the stones will be oiled with special natural oils from almond extracts and Shea butter and prepared to be applied to the energetic centers of the body.


In Hot Stones Therapy, 46 stones of various sizes and shapes are used. The smallest stones have a diameter of 1 cm, and the largest, around 10 – 12 cm. All the 46 stones are heated at a maximum temperature so that they can be tolerated by the patient and are applied on the whole surface of the body. The extremities (soles, palms, and face) are covered by small stones, and on the other areas, large stones are applied.

The therapy will start by gradually applying the hot stones and massaging them over the entire body. Big and smooth stones will be applied in the lumbar area, on the spine, while middle sized oval stones will be set on the cervical area, legs, and arms. The smallest stones will be laid on extremities, in order to stimulate peripheral circulation. The patient will have a relaxing feeling combined with a pleasant itch. Our therapist will use special Asian techniques of pressure and tension over the muscles with the help of hot stones, of different sizes, permanently heated and oiled with special natural extracts.

During the therapy, some of the stones will lose heat quicker than others; this fact indicates the possibility of a dysfunction. The stones that cool down quicker will be heated again and applied on the same area. Meanwhile, the therapy is completed with reflexology and other Asian massage techniques.

Hot stones therapy lasts 90 minutes, during which, the therapist focuses on the equilibration of the chakras by positioning the hot stones on the energetic points (thermotherapy). The massage of the areas is performed mainly with the help of the stones and less through classical Asian massage.


Contrary to Hot Stones Therapy, The Massage uses only 6 big stones, focusing more on Asian massage than therapy. A massage session lasts 60 or 90 minutes. The purpose of the therapy is the same but the method is different. Energetic equilibrating with hot stones include more techniques: Shiatsu, press puncture, Balinese and Lomi Lomi. The 6 stones are applied the same way as in the therapy, but the areas differ. The stones are placed on the back from the middle towards the cervical area, along the spine. The therapist will use hot stones and will massage with them the areas until the stones loose heat. She will also use the techniques mentioned above on the whole body.

The massage is performed with smooth stoned from peripheral areas towards the center, as in the Swedish massage. After about 45 minutes, the patient will turn face up and the procedure will start again, this time stones being applied on other specific areas.

​The therapist dealing with you will observe if some of the stones are losing warmth after they have been applied. This way she will realize which are the problems affecting you and will intervene with a special technique to restore your body’s equilibrium.


Our Balinese therapists will help you improve your health and energetic equilibrium through Asian healing techniques. We guarantee that after a hot stones massage you will feel better than ever.

If you are in one of the following situations, it means you need a therapy or a massage with hot stones:

  • Have problems with blood circulation, including the peripheral circulation.
  • Hypertension
  • Need detoxification or your internal organs (liver, kidneys, heart) are not working properly.
  • Have problems with your articulations, tendons, ligaments, muscular pains, and contractions.
  • Feel pain in the cervical and neck areas.
  • Cannot sleep properly, or you have an agitated sleep.
  • Cannot concentrate, feel stress, headaches or anxiety.
  • Have problems recovering from a physical effort, stroke or accident.


Massage Session:
Hot Stones Massage 60 min. = 160 leiHot Stones Massage 90 min. = 230 lei

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Hot Stones Massage
Any scheduled session can be canceled with at least 4 hours before it begins. Thank you for understanding.

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