Balinese Massage in Bucharest


In traditional Balinese massage we combine a variety of Asian relaxation and reflexology techniques to help you completely relax your body and relieve certain ailments.

Bali is known for having the best massage masters on the planet, which is why Balinesse Spa is composed exclusively of Balinese therapists. If you have not yet had a great holiday on the island, we invite you to our salon in Bucharest to experience the famous Balinese massage with professionals from Bali.


Premium comfort

Salon located in a select villa in Bucharest, premium area in Dorobantilor Square.

Natural oils

100% BIO ingredients that nourish the skin during Balinese massage.

Authentic Balinese massage

Authentic traditional Balinese massage technique with therapists from the island of Bali.


Balinese massage is one of the most common forms of therapy in Indonesia. Its ancient origins and our Balinese therapists recommend it as one of the strengths of the Balinesse Spa. The technique of applying this traditional massage requires a whole science from the therapist.

Balinese massageThis style of therapeutic massage has influences from the culture of China and India, being closely linked to Ayurvedic massage, a holistic medical system of Indian origin that aims to rebalance the body. In principle, only a professional therapist can perform a Balinese massage correctly, the secrets of the technique being well kept.

Our Bali therapists apply a variety of Asian massage techniques, working each muscle and using acupressure in the soles of the feet and palms, but also in other areas of the body. Also, the classic massage technique by kneading the muscles is used to a certain extent.

The therapist will ask you to lie down on the massage table face down. Your muscles will be stretched and kneaded, then work in the areas corresponding to the chakras.

During the session, reflexology techniques are used with skill, putting pressure on certain points on the legs, hands, ears and other areas. These reflex points correspond to different systems and organs in the body: heart, kidneys, liver, etc. Balinese massage not only relaxes, but also helps to cure various diseases or ailments.

Another benefit of Balinese massage is the recovery of energy and zest for life. This is done by combining the Asian technique of working on the chakras and muscles with the folding or kneading of the skin, which leads to increased blood circulation and oxygenation, thus the body receiving a surplus of energy.


There are two types of traditional Balinese massage. The first is not very gentle, the therapist aiming for the massage to be deeply felt in the muscles. The second technique is more subtle and focused on relaxation.


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