Holistic Therapies

Holistic Therapies

Energetic cleansing with high vibrational fumigations and high vibrational light channeling

30 min - 240 LEI

Energy cleansing is a method by which we can change our vibration instantly.

It can be performed using different techniques depending on the specifics of the cleaning and the skills of the therapist.

Every being has an energy field in which is stored the energy of all the information with which it has had contact through the environment and through its own thoughts and emotions experienced at any moment.

Basically, during an energetic cleansing, the informational imprints of the negative energies accumulated in the energy field are released.

We invite you to experience energetic cleansing with fumigations of sacred plants, through light channeling and high vibrational information.

  • Therapy duration 30 min

Energy treatment of emotional discharge on points

60 min - 600 LEI

All our thoughts and emotions are imprinted on an informational level in the cells of our physical body but also in the subtle bodies.

By activating (pressing) some points that correspond to some energy chakras and meridians, a process of energy release of the information stored at the level of those centers is triggered.

The energy treatment of emotional discharge on the points is intense and complex.

The emotional discharge on the points often brings memories and emotions experienced in certain moments of life, including from the intrauterine period.

The recommendation is not to eat at least one hour before therapy and to hydrate well before and after therapy.

  • Therapy duration: 60-90 min
  • The exact duration depends on the therapist’s decision, no extra charge.

Harmonization and deep relaxation treatment through sound with Tibetan bowls

60 min - 360 LEI

Tibetan bowl therapy is one of the oldest regeneration and relaxation therapies that has been successfully practiced in different parts of the world for centuries.

Tibetan bowls are a mixture of 5 or 7 precious metals that create tones and vibrations that resonate with different planets such as: Saturn (lead), Jupiter (tin), Mars (iron), Venus (copper), Mercury (mercury) , Moon (silver), Sun (gold).

These sounds and vibrations allow deep relaxation of both cerebral hemispheres, which leads to a change in the chemistry of the physical body and a different state of consciousness. Through the harmonizing and deep relaxation treatment, a sound bath is created.

Thus, the mind can no longer resist the relaxation process because their vibration acts on the water level in our cells. This harmonizing therapy is also extremely beneficial for those who have difficulty in physical and mental relaxation.

  • Therapy duration 60 min

Guided inner journey and deep relaxation techniques

60 min - 360 LEI

Guided inner journey is a type of therapy – Experiential Workshop – in which the therapist creates an energy space of high vibration by connecting to the Divine Self that supports harmonization.

Then, the therapist uses a unique mix of relaxation techniques such as: simple breathing exercises, relaxation meditation on muscle groups and segments, high vibrational oils, sacred plant fumigations, relaxing music, etc.

The Experiential Workshop is a guided inner journey throughout its duration, having profound effects even after its conclusion.

We recommend maintaining the state of internalization for at least another 2 hours after the end of the therapy, in order to benefit from the maximum effects of the therapy.

  • Duration 60 min – optional individual and group

Consultations and personalized holistic treatments

90 min - 600 LEI

Holistic treatments consider the whole being, namely the body, mind and emotions. All the methods used in holistic therapies must ensure a free flow of energy through the body, mind and spirit.

Since it is a complex process, it is advisable to discuss and establish personalized treatments.

Thus, consultations are sessions where the client will receive guidance on the most beneficial treatments that correspond to the needs identified at the beginning of the session or consultation.

Later, depending on personal wishes and needs, a personalized plan of therapies and/or specific energy treatments can be created.

The consultation also includes energy treatment.

  • Duration 90-120 min
  • The exact duration depends on the therapist’s decision, no extra charge.

The methods used in Therapies:


Therapist vision:

"Evolution, healing, integration can be achieved when we look at life, creation from the level of the Creator - the level of infinite and unconditional love - the level of perfection, the one where the Soul is both perfect and imperfect, it enters various incarnations and levels of experience to grow in understanding and self-awareness."

- Elena Melania Enache, Practitioner Therapist


Creator and facilitator of experiential programs such as:

– Healing, awareness and self-mastery, presence, awareness of the whole
– Subconscious programming, DNA programming, intuitive energy healing techniques
– Vibrational sound healing
– Sacred sexuality
– Conscious breathing techniques
– Harmonization of erotic energy in the couple
– Energy activations and healings in chakras, planetary (high vibration planetary vortices)
– Energetic cleansing of spaces and people
– Therapeutic dance and movement
– Healing pilgrimages to the energy centers of the country
– The planetary chakras
– Couple therapy
– Mentorship therapists
– Connections to guides and ascended masters
– Energy divorce
– Dissolutions: attachments, cords, energy nets, entities, spirits, low vibrational thought-forms, etc.
– Energetic art that contains high vibrational information