Weight loss treatments in Bucharest


Do you want to loose weight in a natural way? First step is to give up pills, diets and other things that harm your body. The next one is to come to our salon for energy balancing. ​

The main purpose of therapies is to reduce energy blockages, balance the body’s organs and systems. The weight loss effect is the natural consequence of balancing energy and bringing the body into normal operating parameters.


Stage 1

The treatment continues with the weight loss massage procedure. You can opt for a classic duration of 60 minutes or you can supplement the time with 30 minutes. Pregnant women and people who have a medical contraindication in terms of reflexology and acupressure cannot benefit from this massage, so they have to skip the stage.

Stage 2

The second and final stage, the packaging of grapes, has a fixed duration of 45 minutes. The packaging creates the sauna effect that amplifies the weight loss action due to the agents contained in the grapes. The packaging creates the sauna effect that amplifies the weight loss action due to the agents contained in the grapes.

Compressed in a package specially designed for detoxifying the body, eliminating excess water and accumulated fat but especially for energy rebalancing of the body’s meridians, complete weight loss treatments are most effective when the 2 procedures are done together in the same session.



Slimming massage consists of the application of special Reflexogen massage techniques combined with Shiatsu acupressure procedures. Both involve rubbing, kneading and pressing on critical points to unblock the flow of energy through the body’s meridians. This massage is not painful but pleasant, except for certain moments when the therapist will use the techniques of action on certain points of the sole and palm. Pain or discomfort reveals that there is a blockage and that work is being done to release the energy.


As a component of weight loss treatments, wraps are adjuvant methods in the fight against weight gain. In our salon, Balinese therapists use grapes as a main ingredient, a real weapon that doubles its effectiveness, especially when used “hot”.

Grapes are recommended for body remodeling and skin treatment, because they contain polyphenols (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents), vitamins (C, A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, E, PP, P), mineral salts, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium. , iron, iodine and zinc, ingredients that strengthen blood vessels. Strugurii sunt recomandati pentru remodelarea corporala si tratamentul pielii, deoarece contin polifenoli (agenti antioxidanti si antiinflamatori), vitamine (C, A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, E, PP, P) saruri minerale, fosfor, potasiu, magneziu, fier, iod si zinc, ingrediente ce intaresc vasele de sange.

Due to their properties, grapes have a special effect, the treatment by packaging leading to the reduction of the fat layer. Moreover, these fruits have beneficial effects of exfoliation, nourishment, relaxation and regeneration, improving the vital functions of the skin and microcirculation. Red grapes are ideal for anti-aging treatment, by strengthening collagen fibers, their content being rich in detoxifying enzymes and natural rebuilding agents.

Slimming packing sessions are held at Balinesse Spa using professional thermal blanket. Due to the composition of the grapes, but also to the sauna effect created by the thermal blanket, the weight loss is accentuated. Unfortunately, for some people such as those with cardiovascular disease or pregnant women, the use of a thermal blanket is prohibited. However, for those who have contraindications, our salon offers as an alternative the sessions of wrapping with foil for weight loss.


The complete treatment is enough to apply once or twice a week. Pregnant women are forced to give up stage 1, because weight loss massage is contraindicated. However, they can replace the procedure with massage for pregnant women. Also, people with cardiovascular diseases who are banned from the doctor cannot benefit from the thermal blanket, but only from cold packs. These weight loss treatments only work quickly if they are accompanied by a healthy diet, sports and rest. Otherwise the effects will be much diminished, almost imperceptible.


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Complete treatments include packs of coffee, grapes and green tea.
But you can also order packaging separately:

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